About Sunriver CrossFit

Ben and Sunriver CFHere at Sunriver CrossFit our main goal is to keep you moving long into the years of grand kids and great grand kids. Like all CrossFits we focus on constantly varied functional movements under high intensity, but where we differ is we are not a task completion CrossFit. We leave our egos at the door.

When it comes between getting in that last set with poor form or sitting it out to save yourself for another day, we will always be there to encourage making the right choice. As with any day to day activity whether sitting, working, driving, or playing sport there is always risk of getting hurt. When you come to Sunriver CrossFit you are preventing this by keeping yourself ready for whatever life may throw at you. We do this by focusing heavily on mobility (before, during and after class), body position while training (form), nutrition, mental health, social health, and sleep health.

We are dedicated to helping clients out from start to finish as much as we can without the nickel and dime mentality you see at a lot of facilities. This is the promise you get when you sign up to the program.

We will do everything in our power to make you feel the youngest, strongest, most energized you have felt in your life. Whether you are 18 or 80 we can get you started on the right program for your abilities.

About the Coach

I grew up in a small farming community in LaGrande Oregon where hard work was a way of life for young or old. This instilled a hard work ethic and an appreciation for the enormous work capacity of the human body. I grew up playing soccer, weightlifting, football, track, basketball, cross country, snowboarding, rock climbing and doing anything outdoors that existed. What I learned at an early age from these sports was that weightlifting was the key to the rest, and to overall health as well. As my strength and conditioning became more advanced, learning complex movements such as the power clean, I found my ability in other sports grew tenfold as well as everyday life becoming much easier.

20140815_152212Like most people though I was on a constant cycle. I would get in great shape lifting and eating healthy on my own only to throw it away with 6 months of vacation/off time. Then when I noticed day to day life getting difficult I would dive back in only to hit repeat.

Also like most people, I would blame it on no time. Which I guess working 100-120 hours a week when I was fighting forest fire or working the oil fields in North Dakota does make it difficult to keep up on body maintenance. What I noticed though, was that if I could just get a 30 minute training session in my power and energy output for the entire day would increase dramatically. Still I struggled with the cycle.

It wasn’t until I moved to Australia and had a 2 week on 2 week off rotation and a CrossFit gym by my house that I was able to get into a real routine and find the missing link that I had been looking for. That link was comradery and a coach. Don’t get me wrong, I’d been following the CrossFit.com website for years, been Olympic lifting since high school, and had that sense of connection when I was the coach for my wildland firefighting rappel crew, but it wasn’t until I walked in to CrossFit in Australia that I found that support and connection to an amazing group of coaches and friends. This is where I found that missing link. With support from my Reebok Gold Coast CrossFit family I made sure there was always time for a WOD and time to take care of my body. This raised my awareness to get back to what I love which is helping people accomplish goals and make a positive impact on the world.

After three years in Australia and finding an amazing Aussie to call my own, I decided to move back home to the land of mountains, trees, and beautiful flowing rivers to share my knowledge and help others find that special spot where they can come meet new friends and make that life change they have been looking for. This is what CrossFit is to me, who I am, and what I want it to be for others.

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